Competition rules


Article 1.

  1. All competitors must be 18 years old.
  2. Competitors under the age of 18 may compete only when accompanied by an adult responsible for the minor competitor.
  3. Adults responsible for minor competitors are required to sign a document of responsibility for a minor.
  4. All competitors directly agree that they will compete at their own risk and that they are aware of the rules of the race which they will follow for their personal safety and the safety of other competitors and organizers and that they are aware of the possible risks involved in this competition.
  5. By registering, competitors disclaim the possibility of transferring responsibility to the race organizer, either to the competitors or to third parties.
  6. The organizer is not responsible for any damage of the equipment or for lost / stolen items of the competitor during the competition.
  7. All competitors competing in the race must have health insurance.


Article 2.

Participants of Island Pag Trail can choose to participate in 2 categories: Blue (11 km) and Green (24 km) in both men and women categories.


Article 3.

  1. Competitors register for the race via the following website:
  2. Entries are set by the end date on the race website. The application for participation in the race is considered valid when the competitor REGISTERS AND PAYS THE ENTRY FEE by the deadline set by the race organizer.
  3. Registration and payment of the entry fee is not possible after the deadline set by the organizer, as well as registration and payment on the day of the race.
  4. Registration procedure:

BLUE and GREEN race:

Registrations should be done on the website; the competitor has to select the desired category of the race, then REGISTER FOR THE RACE and enter the required information and click “send”. The next step is to pay the entry fee on the bank account of the organizer (Article 3, item 5)


Registrations for the Mini Emili children’s race should be done exclusively via email: and by paying the entry fee in the amount of 10,00 € to the organizer’s bank account (Article 3, item 5). In the email it is necessary to state the name and surname of the competitor as well as the name and surname of the accompanying parents (for children under 7 years) and the date and year of birth of the competitor.

  1. The next step is to pay the entry fee to the organizer’s account. The entry fee can be paid only to the bank account of the organizer:
    • Recipient: Turisticka zajednica opcine Kolan
    • Address: Trg kralja Tomislava 6, 23251 Kolan
    • IBAN: HR9723400091110187345
    • Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Radnicka cesta 50, 10000 Zagreb
    • Payment description: OPT 2022 – name and surname of competitor + race category
    • Payment model: HR00 or HR02, reference number: date of payment
  1. If the competitor pays the entry fee and does not register, the registration is not valid. The organizer has no abilities to find out contact information without registration. In this case, the registration will not be processed at all.
  2. If the competitor registers and does not pay the entry fee by the date set by the organizer, the application is not valid.
  3. Upon receipt of the payment, the organizer indicates to the registered competitor in the system that the entry fee has been paid and with this step the competitor is officially registered. You can check your status on the website
  1. In case of cancellation of the race by the organizers, due to unforeseen circumstances, the race is postponed to the next day. In case the race cannot be held the next day, the competitor cannot get a refund of the entry fee, but he can get his competition package.
  2. The entry fee cannot be postponed to next year.
    11. If the competitor registers and pays the entry fee, and then withdraws from the competition, the organizer returns 30% of the amount paid, by the date set by the organizer. After the expiration of the date, the organizer is not obliged to return the paid entry fee.


Article 4.

  1. Competitors are provided with a track profile on the race website for a personal running plan (no need to wear it to the race).
  2. Competitors are required to have mandatory equipment during the competition.
  3. All those who do not have the required equipment will not be able to compete, regardless of a valid application and payment of the entry fee. Your safety is our priority.
  4. The official website of the race (under mandatory equipment) states what type of equipment must be brought.
  5. The organizer reserves all rights to check the content of the mandatory equipment of any competitor at any time, and before the start of the race. All those who do not have the required equipment will be excluded from the competition regardless of the binding application and payment of the entry fee.


  • VISIBLE START NUMBER. All those competitors who do not have a visible start number (forward position on the chest or leg) will be automatically excluded from the competition, i.e., they will be disqualified if they are found on the track without a start number.
  • MOBILE PHONE (fully charged phone with the phone number you entered in the application form)
  • Race Card (the organizer provides a card within the competition package that highlights contact in case of an accident and in case of withdrawal. All those who do not inform the organizer that they have given up or do not report to the finish line, will be permanently banned from competing in any race within our organization.
    Basic kit includes: plaster x 2, sterile gaze x 2, elastic bandage x 1.
  • Choice of CLOTHING AND RUNNING SHOES have to be appropriate for the terrain and weather conditions.
  • WATER BOTTLE OF AT LEAST 0.5 L. The bottle is used to refill water or iso drinks on refreshment points to eliminate the use of disposable plastic cups.
  • The organizer reserves all rights to check the mandatory equipment of any competitor at any time, and necessarily before the start of the race. All those who do not have the obligatory basic equipment will be excluded from the competition regardless of the valid application and payment of the entry fee.


Article 5.

  1. Competitors may withdraw during the entire race.
  2. All competitors who withdraw during the competition are required to contact the organizer (contact can be found on the Race Card).
  3. In case of withdraw due to an injury, competitor is first obliged to call the organizer, who will inform and organize assistance as soon as possible. Please have in mind not to call family members or friends prior you contact the organizer to ensure assistance as soon as possible. Your safety is our priority, we have to be prompt and organize help for you on time. Family members and friends can be contacted later.


Article 6.

  1. Competitors should have these valid documents or their copies:
    a) Personal ID card
    b) Medical insurance card
  2. Organizer is not obliged to check upon competitors valid documents. These documents are of your interest to have them near in case of emergency.


Article 7.

  1. The time starts with the start sign and stops by passing through the finish line.
  2. Official time measuring is provided by company ______________.
  3. Time limits to arrive at control points and finish line is given by written instructions.
  4. Arrival to control point and finish line after limited time will be considered as disqualification.


Article 8.

  1. Ignoring, not obeying rules given by organizer
  2. Not visible start numbers and non-possession of necessary equipment
  3. Ignoring written race instructions
  4. No ethical behaviour that endangers or calls into question the reputation of the competition, and destroys the private property or property of the organizer as well as inappropriate behaviour towards the organizer.
  5. Impossibility to continue the race for any reason
  6. Using forbidden paths, forbidden gear and forbidden help on a side.
  7. Using any kinds of motor vehicles.
  8. Any change of markings on certain parts of the track, set by the race organizers for the safety of competitors.
  9. Arriving at control point and finish after given limits.
  10. The race organizer is the only authorized body who decides on the total time of the competition, disqualification and / or addition of penalties.


Article 9.

The organizer reserves all rights to change the order of control points and may shorten the time and duration of the race if required by objective circumstances (weather conditions, etc.) and if the safety of competitors is endangered.


Article 10.

  1. Competitors are not allowed to start a fire, pollute the environment and destroy flora and fauna.
  2. Competitors are not allowed to throw waste but are required to carry waste with them.
  3. It is forbidden to throw waste on any part of trail in-between start and finish line.
  4. For any disrespecting of organizer’s rules, contestant will be disqualified.


Article 11.

  1. For personal safety, all competitors are required to wear the equipment prescribed by the organizer and are required to read all information about the race that is on the official website of the race.
  2. Competitors are obliged to comply with all rules and regulations of the race as well as special instructions from the organizer.
  3. In case of injury, a call for help should be made via mobile phone. If this is not possible, a whistle or mirror should be used to call for help.
  4. In case of a serious injury or danger to the life of one of the competitors, other competitors are obliged to help according to the rules of first aid.
  5. The race organizer does not guarantee the rescue of the injured person in a fast period of time due to the inaccessibility of the terrain or adverse weather conditions.
  6. The organizer reserves the right not to allow further progress and competition if he considers that this would endanger the safety of the competitor or the competition itself.
  7. How to call for help: flashing, whistling, shouting (6 x per minute / every 10 seconds). Answer 3 times in minutes / every 20 seconds. After a 1-minute break, the injured person confirms with 1 long signal.


Article 12.

  1. All complaints and appeals must be forwarded to the race organizer in writing at the end of the competition no later than 24 hours after the end of the race.
  2. The organizer is obliged to respond to the complaint / objection within 5 days after receiving the complaint / objection.


Article 13.

  1. By registering for the competition, competitors agree that all recorded film and photographic material may be publicly displayed and used for promotional purposes of the race.
  2. The organizer of the competition reserves all rights to use, copy and distribute all recorded video and photo materials.

Contest organizer Kolan Tourist Bord

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