The island of Pag is privileged in terms of traffic which means that you can reach it:
  • Through the bridge from the South and from the interior (by highway to Posedarje and then by the old road, through Ražanac, to Pag)
  • Ferry – from the directions of Rijeka and Senj (the Prizna – Žigljen ferry dock).
In summer, the ferries are operating incessantly. It is also possible to arrive by catamaran that travels daily from Rijeka to Novalja. The closest ship and plane lines are in Zadar.

Distances – Car maps

Place Mandre Kolan Kolanjski Gajac
Zagreb (ferry) 235 km 231 km 223 km
Zagreb (through the bridge) 321 km 317 km 325 km
Split 207 km 203 km 211 km
Rijeka 147 km 143 km 135 km
Zadar 70 km 66 km 70 km

Road conditions


Bus lines

During the summer, there are daily bus lines connecting Mandre, Kolan and Kolanjski Gajac with larger Croatian cities.
The current bus time-tables can be found on the transporting company’s website:

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